Publication date Sep 2017

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Publisher : Teachers' College Press (30 Sep 2017)

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Michael E. Rohr(Author)
Publisher : Routledge (30 Sep 2017)

Double Agent whY cover
Sean Beech(Author)
Publisher : Shoe Box Books (30 Sep 2017)

Financial Nutrition® for Young Women: How (and Why) to Teach Girls about Money cover
Melissa Donohue(Author)
Publisher : Praeger (30 Sep 2017)

Ketogenic diet And Recipes: Why You Should Try It cover
Beverly Hill(Author)
Publisher : Holistic Measures, LLC (30 Sep 2017)

Me Too: Just a Collection of Reasons why You are so Freakin'... cover
Jolie Brownell(Author)
Publisher : Jolie Brownell (30 Sep 2017)

A New Counterterrorism Strategy: Why the World Failed to Stop Al Qaeda and ISIS/ISIL, and How to Defeat Terrorists (Praeger Security International) cover
Publisher : Praeger (30 Sep 2017)

No More Gym: Burn fat and build muscle from a home gym: Save time and money from effective home gym equipment and exercises: Why commercial gyms want you to fail cover
Lloyd Twelves(Author)
(30 Sep 2017)

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Vicente Navarro(Author)
Publisher : Routledge (30 Sep 2017)

A Simplified Guide to Autonomic Dysfunction: Why the Brain Fails to Repair Itself cover
Publisher : Autonomic Recovery, LLC (30 Sep 2017)

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